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TRA team is composed of implicated, creative and professional collaborators.

They are led by a familial executive committee responsible of the company’s good practices. Each team manager acts in synergy with the others, in order to give the best service to the client. Each profiting of the expertise of its colleagues, we have the possibility to face all of your demands.

Executive committee

Joseph Augustin
Chantal Augustin
Chief executive


Operation's department

Yannick Heinrich

Stéphane Gardies

Led by Yannick Heinrich, transport operators have in charge the relation with drivers, the planning and freight research. Their role are also to optimize the route in order to find the best itinerary for the drivers, to maximize the capacity to fill at a maximum the trailers and to find the best solutions for the clients.

Operation assistance

Jessica Herbach

They are in charge to assist the operators. Their tasks are various: phone reception, integration of transport demand in the EDI, follow up of Europe pallets accounting, contact with drivers…

Affrètement National

Affrètement International

François Combeau
National Charter
Michèle Antoni
Head of International Charter
Christine Pittis
Ms Antoni assistant

Service Administratif

Service Projet / R&D

Maxime D'hallaine
Ms Augstin 's assistant

Nicolas Hild
Apprentice in Supply Chain Management.

Pascal Issenbeck
Fleet and quality manager

Service logistique

A team at your service


TRA disposes of a 40 drivers team: A part of them are qualified ADR and others are able to use the Crayler or the sidelifter.

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