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Our fleet

TRA makes available modern rolling capacities. It is at the listening of technological evolutions in order to offer you an always more performing service. The multiplicity of capacity's type that the company implements is the guarantee of the desire to find YOUR solution. 


This equipment is particularly innovative. It is a boarded forklift; it is stored in a box under the trailer and it is operational in less than a minute. It is a real asset because it allows us to deliver pallets to clients who don’t have the adapted handling material.

The tractor trailers have the same flexibility characteristics than Tautliner trailers. It is possible to open them on the sides, by the roof and they can be loaded and unloaded at the back. The asset is to transport more pallets (38 versus 33 for the Tautliner).


Thanks to the fleet of refrigerated trailers, we can perform merchandises' transports under controlled temperature.
TRA performs refrigerated transport at positive and also at negative temperature.


This trailer permits high flexibility: we can load or unload at the back, by the sides but also by the roof. It allows to adapt the loading and the unloading according to the need. Thanks to this type of trailer, it is possible to load all types of merchandises insensitive to the temperature. It can be for example merchandise on Europe pallets or lengths which can’t be loaded in other types of trailers.

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