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The company

TRA's History

In 1957, René Augustin, grandfather of Franck Augustin, created the company «Transports René Augustin» in Niederhaslach.
His son Joseph became the head of the company in 1980 and renamed it «Transport Routiers d’Alsace».
In 2019, Franck Augustin took over the management.



  • 2000 : Takeover of the company ALSATRANS.
  • 2003 : Construction of a new warehouse of 2000m².
  • 2004 : Increasing of vehicle fleet to 15 engines.
  • 2011 : Creation of the international Charter department.
  • 2012 : Creation of the national Charter department.
  • 2015 : Creation of a Research and Developpement department

The company

The company "Transports Routiers d’Alsace is based in Matzenheim in the Bas Rhin. It is a family business specialized in the transport and the logistic.
The vehicles park is composed of tractors, trailers as well as specific equipments which permit us to answer to client’s specific demands. 

TRA’s goal is the satisfaction of our clients and for this we are implementing lots of actions: purchase of recent material, innovation… Our human dimension permits us to offer you a very good service quality to the clients, our expertise as well as the collaborators know-how.

In order to always better respond to your needs, all the services implement their competencies as well as their professionalism:

  • The operation service is composed of 6 persons:  1 operation leader, 3 transport operators and 2 operators' assistant. Their experiences permit TRA to offer to the clients a performing and reactivee service in every situations.
  • The national charter service works in complement of the operation service. It selects the best partners in order to propose you a wider coverage for your merchandises's delivery..
  • The international charter service treats all the merchandises having for direction or origin anothe country than France.
  • The project service is in charge of the evolution's needs definition in order to find solutions. It is also a support for operation and charter services, the technology intelligence as well as quality.
  • A specialized workshop for the repair of our trucks and trailers. It permits TRA to be really reactive concerning the maintenance of the vehicles.
  • The logistic service adapts itself to every needs: short or long term storage, hazardous products storage or rack and mezzanine storage, TRA adapts its logistic's solution to the need of each clients.

The fleet:

TRA disposes of diverse trucks and trailers

Among the trailers, there are: 
  • Covered
  • Refrigerated
  • Drop-deck
  • Box 
  • Tractor-trailer

Specific equipements

In order to always better respond to the demand, TRA is also equipped with specialized machines as the Crayler (boarded forklift remotely controlled) and a Sidelifter/Box Loader (Container carrying trailer autoloader).



TRA is a family business and a local actor. The company is close to the clients thanks to a slight number of dedicated interlocutors always at your listening. TRA's willingness is to know at best the clients in order to propose them thanks to the dedicated services, solutions adapted to their needs.


All along the day, TRA's collaborators are at your listening. They treat your demands in the best delays and give you an adapted response. The synergy between the different departments permits the company to propose you the most appopriated solution. With company's equipement or in charter.


Present since 1957 in the transport, TRA has today a recognized expertise. It cultivates its partnerships in order to work with historical partners, faithful to the company. It assures a reliable management and all implement in order to have the possibility to answer to every demands. TRA is in constant research of stability in a world which doesn't stop fluctuating.


TRA sets up specialized and modern systems. The project service is proactive and constantly researching new techniques to set. Thanks to a dynamic quality follow-up, the company can continously improve the operations to offer you an always more performing service. 

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